Custom Area Rugs

All area rugs are custom design and made in either wool or viscose.
Here are some explanation of material and dyeing technique used on rugs:

Hand Spun wool (Handmade wool yarn)

India does not produce good quality of wool because the weather condition of Indian subcontinent. We import the fine quality wool fiber from Australia and New Zealand. Hand spun wool are best in the quality and they are durable too because wool fiber length is high. It is hand-spun wool that is reason unevenness of yarn and twist due to which when we dye the yarn, we see the different colors effect on different places. Where the twist is high less color would be absorb where the less twist the color would be absorb properly. That is the reason we see the color variation in rugs. Last six years, it is high in demand and its price is high because of hand spun.

Machine made wool

We import the fine quality wool fiber from Australia and New Zealand and make them though machine. They are also best wool yarn for the rugs. It’s fiber length is also high. It’s twists are even therefore we get proper color on it, if we dye white color on it over the period of time it becomes creamy color. It has been out of market, when people make loop on carpet then they use it because result of loop effect is very nice. Why it is out of market? Because it does not give different shades in rugs. In abstract art, people need color variation. its price is also high.

Viscose (synthetic silk)

It is a synthetic material. It gives you very much shine on carpets. Its strength is high. When we dye it, it absorbs the color properly but because of shining quality colors impact 10-20% less after washing the carpets.

Bamboo Silk (Natural product)

As name suggests, it is comes from the tree. Its strength is high. It also gives the shining after the washing. You will get color variation also in this material. It is also very much in demand. It is very high in pricing.

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